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Bur Producs

Bur Blocks

Type A holds 48 Friction Grip (high speed) Burs.
Type B holds 48 Right Angle (slow speed) Burs.
Type C holds 24 Friction Grip and 24 Right Angle Burs.

Aluminum Bur Box

Holds 32 high speed burs and 24 low speed burs with interchangeable inserts. Autoclavable.

Bur Blocks with Covers

Remove Plastic before autoclave

Steri Bur Block with covers

Both plastic Cover and bur blocks are autoclavable

Available sizes

Type A holds 24 Friction Grip Burs.
Type B holds 24 Right Angle Burs.
Type C holds 12 Friction Grip Burs and 12 Right Angle Burs.
Type D holds 36 Friction Grip Burs.
Type E holds 36 Right Angle Burs.

Bur Sterilization Bath

Used for sterilizing burs and small instruments. Removable insert for liquid drainage. Autoclavable.

Germicide Round Bur Box

Contains perforated insert for drainage. Autoclavable.