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D-Lux Cordless Curing Light

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D-Lux is a new advanced cordless LED curing light. Made from the highest quality aluminum, D-Lux dissipates heat quickly to prevent overheating problem so that it can produce the maximum light intensity safely and consistently.


  • OLED panel: unique and advanced one-button control
  • A high intensity of 1,600 mW/cm2 offers extremely short curing times of no more than 5 seconds
  • Cordless, highly portable and lightweight (only 155g)
  • Unique ergonomic design: provides comfortable grip and easy-to-read OLED panel
  • Durable one-piece aluminum design is robust and easy to disinfect
  • High-performance lithium –ion battery technology:
    - A new fully charged battery provides 160 x 10-second cures
    - OLED panel conveniently indicates battery life and a countdown timer for the next needed charge
    - Battery can be fully recharged in 90 minutes
  • 5 versatile curing modes for every indications
  • Easy to change the battery pack


  • ITEM #4004-1001 Regular Kit
    - D-Lux Handpiece & Charger
    - Accessories: Light Guide(11 × 11mm), Plastic Protector, Power Supply and Cord

Device Part Codes

  • ITEM #4004-1110 Handpiece
  • ITEM #4004-1120 Charger
  • ITEM #4004-1130 Light Guide(11 × 11mm)
  • ITEM #4004-1150 Battery Pack
  • ITEM #4004-1160 Plastic Protector
  • ITEM #4004-1170 Power Supply (Adapter)
  • ITEM #4004-1171 Power Cord