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Dia-Duo is new developed Cordless Obturation System included Duo-Pen warm vertical compaction device and Duo-Gun backfill obturation device. Duo-Pen offers excellent warm vertical compaction with quick heating tip. Duo-Gun with quick heating system allows the fast and perfect obturation delivery. Duo-Gun and Duo-Pen are located in one charger.

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Dia-X File


Dia-X File is the Nickel Titanium rotary file with a Gold Heat Treatment, this achieves a greater flexibility than other Nickel Titanium Files and it offers a smoother and safer progression in the root canal. The fracture resistance has been increased by 143% after Gold Heat Treatment.

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Special Points

Special Points are tailor made to complement different kinds of files. Specializing in Gutta Percha points and Paper points. 

  • Dia-ProT Next: complement Protaper Next Files.
  • Dia-ProW Gold:complement Wave One Gold File.

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