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Gutta Percha Points

M = Millimeter Marked
L = Laser Inspected
.029 = Diameter tolerance

ML.029 points provide a fast and reliable solution for root canal measuring and filling. The reduce the possibility of over extension. The .029 diameter tolerance ensures an excellent fit to the files. The point are Cadmium free, latex free, radiopaque and hand rolled.


  • Quick and easy method for depth measurements.
  • Eliminates apex perforations which may lead to bleeding
  • Completely seals the entire length of the canal
  • Save chair time with pre-measured points
  • Most accurate depth measurements

Laser Inspection:

  • Exceed ISO specifications
  • Using a laser beam (Alvin Machine), each DiaDent ML.029 point is individually inspected for diameters at D3 and D16.
  • ISO and ADA standard requires the use of 1/100mm incremental measurement units DiaDent uses 1/100mm increments.

Package Information:

  • P-43 Vial Package
    • Contains 6 light weight plastic square vials with color coded caps
    • Box dimension : 77 x 17 x 50mm(W x H x D)
  • P-63 Spill Proof Package
    • 6 compartments with outer paper box
    • Box dimension: 73 x 17 x 49mm(W x H x D)