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Dia-Duo Complete System

Dia-Duo is new developed Cordless Obturation System included Duo-Pen warm vertical compaction device and Duo-Gun backfill obturation device. Duo-Pen offers excellent warm vertical compaction with quick heating tip. Duo-Gun with quick heating system allows the fast and perfect obturation delivery. Duo-Gun and Duo-Pen are located in one charger.



  • Item #4007-2000 Regular Kit
    • Duo-Gun Handpiece, Duo-Pen Handpiece & Duo-Charger
    • Accessories: Heating Condenser #.04-50, Heating Condenser #.06-50, Duo-Pen Battery, Disposable Sheaths (200ea/Box)
      GP Obturation Tip(23G, 4ea), Gutta Percha Obturator (100ea), Duo-Gun Battery, Safety Cap(2ea),
      Plunger set, Plunger O-Ring Assembly(2ea), Multi Tool, Scrubbing Brush,
      Power Adapter, AC Power Cord


  • Item #4007-2010 Duo-Gun Handpiece
  • Item #4007-2020 Duo-Pen Handpiece
  • Item #4007-2030 Duo Charger
  • Item #4007-2080 Duo-Gun Battery
  • Item #4007-2090 Duo-Pen Battery


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