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Nickel Titanium Files

Increased Flexibility

  • Ni Ti shaft is made of premium nickel-titanium with 5 times the flexibility compared to stainless steel files


  • Ni Ti has 10 times the stress resistance compared to stainless steel files


  • Produces smooth and progressive enlargement of root canal
  • Ni Ti follows existing canal path and has memory so there is no need to pre-bend the files


  • Color coded handles and pre-inserted silicone stops


  • Ni Ti resists spontaneous breakage
  • Ni Ti decreases zipping and stripping
  • Increased angular rotation reduces fracture

 Easy Identification

  • Green Square for K files (6/box)
  • Red Circle for H files (6/box)
  • Blue Triangle for Reamers (6/box)

 Available in

  • NT-Reamers
  • NT-K-Files
  • NT-H Files


  • EndoStop